MKA Training Services

MKA provides various types of training based on customer requirements, especially for Infor XA in order for you to get the most out of your system.  The training may be on-site, interactive via the internet, or in a “class” format (at MKA or online).  Some customers feel that they have become “stale” users and don’t get the most out of their ERP system.  MKA has specialized training so that you become more efficient and effective users, and get more out of you XA System.

On-Site Evaluation and Training for Infor XA

How do you get more out of your XA system?  MKA provides training in almost every are of XA.  In addition, MKA has a system evaluation process that has been used successfully by many companies.  This process usually includes a brief evaluation of how your personnel use system applications in each major functional area of the business.  After these evaluations are completed, MKA then recommends specific training, education, applications, or new processes based on the findings.  

A joint plan is created—focused on your priorities—as to how you should be using your system. You can then prioritize your company’s needs and/or training requests based on the reported findings.   The findings from the evaluation are documented by MKA, and we jointly create a plan based on those findings and your priority.

For example, many companies often report things like:

  • No formal education and training on the XA system in years.
  • Spreadsheets are too heavily used to run the business and circumvent standard processes. Moreover, the spreadsheets aren’t integrated and may not be understood by most users.
  • No new applications have been implemented in years.
  • Limited use of the actual XA ERP System (such as limited or no use of planning, costing, or scheduling)
  • Limited use of efficient techniques provided by PowerLink (users mostly use green screens or simple Powerlink inquiries rather than advanced functions like Workbenches, Preferences, Power Expand, Express Customization, Quick Change, Templates, and other features)
  • Limited or no use of Enterprise Integrator or System-Link

A process is needed to evaluate your current use of systems and applications. MKA has that process and the training to go with it.  The outcome of the process is to create an Action Plan for how you can better utilize XA in order to better meet the company’s needs. 


MKA also offers  Basic and Advanced classes on Powerlink and the XA Enterprise Integrator. Although these classes are usually held in a classroom style on-site, MKA has also conducted these via the web. Following are some of the key topics that are covered.

Powerlink BASICS Topics

    • List Windows
      • Each row in the list represents an object
      • Each column represents an attribute
      • Customize the list window by using views, subsets and sorts
    • Views—Columns
    • Subsets—Rows
    • Sorts
    • Queries: Combines a view, subset, and sort
    • Preferences

Some of the topics can get quite extensive.  For example, Preferences are sets of default choices for how information is shown in an application object and, for some objects, what values to use by default for specific attributes in the object. Users can set up a different set of preferences for each object used. Users can also choose to enter choices for some, all, or none of the preferences for an object.  Any choices specified as preferences for an object override system defaults supplied as part of that application object.   The values a user can use as choices for a preference can vary, depending on the type of information entered for that preference.   

This example demonstrates that some topics may take considerably more time than others.  Also, user experiences will vary, so it is not easy to provide an exact timeframe for each topic.  However, most classes are done in two or three hour sessions.

Powerlink Advanced Topics

    • Application Settings:  Public preferences
    • Quick Change
    • Exporting
    • Power Expand
    • Multi-Select in Editor
    • Cascading Subsets
    • Express Customization
    • Templates:  Create, Copy and Add
    • Open Actions
    • Column Statistics
    • Printing – subtotals and field selection
    • Workbenches
    • Workspaces

XA Enterprise Integrator Services and Classes

MKA does many Integrator (Powerlink) projects for customers, such as converting “green screen” applications to an Enterprise Integrator (Powerlink) application, thus seamlessly integrating an application with XA.  Contact MKA for details of how we could help you modernize your applications or create new ones.

MKA also conducts a two-day Enterprise Integrator class.  The goal is for programmers to be able to work with the Integrator on their own after completing the class.  The class offers a hands-on session done in eight "Lessons" or "chapters" (below).   The class is a hands-on approach where all programmers work through the same project (already created to cover specific topics).  Students will walk through the development of a new, custom application. This application incorporates the use of basic templates and Integrator functions as well as more advanced transaction broker maintenance and User Exit programming.   Students should walk away with fundamental tools and examples to begin other development projects.  

The class is designed to include a 30-minute introduction, then 30-minutes of individual hands-on time to work through each exercise (total of 8). Some sessions may require more hands-on or "homework" time.  At a minimum, the 8 sessions will take at least 8 hours, but probably more time with exercises, questions, etc.  Thus, a two-day format is required.

The general agenda is:

DAY 1:

8:00 - 9:00            Lesson 1

9:00 - 9:30            Homework time

9:30-10:00           Break

10:00 - 11:00       Lesson 2

11:00 - 11:30       Homework time

11:30 - 12:30       Lunch

12:30 - 1:30         Lesson 3

1:20 - 2:00            Homework time

2:00 - 2:30            Break

2:20 - 3:30            Lesson 4

3:30 - 4:00            Homework time

4:00 - 4:30            Wrap up for Day 1/Review agenda for Day 2


DAY 2 is a repeat of Day 1, with Lessons 5 - 8. 

An optional third day is sometimes requested for more hands-on work and specialized projects.

IBM System I Operations and Administration

IN ADDITION, MKA can offer on-site training for System i Operations and Administration training.  This training can also be done via “interactive training” via the Internet.  Following is a standard class syllabus on iSeries System Administration:

·        Getting to Know the iSeries
·        Using System Menus and Commands
·        Starting and Stopping the iSeries
·        Working with Subsystems
·        Overview of Job Processing
·        Working with System Values
·        Basic iSeries Message Handling
·        Managing Printer Devices
·        Managing Devices
·        Save / Restore
·        System Security Concepts
·        Keeping the iSeries Current / iSeries' PTF’s
·        Miscellaneous

“Interactive” and Online Training

For many customers, an “interactive” session via the internet is often both cost-effective and efficient.  Such sessions are done via the internet with MKA hosting a session for two hours.  This eliminates travel expenses and costs, and can be done with many of the above training sessions.  In addition, MKA offers tailored “interactive” sessions as follows.  Call MKA to schedule an interactive internet session.

MKA is also offering some sessions via video courses.  These offerings will be expanding in the future.  Some of the sessions are listed below. 

Working with XA: Class Descriptions

There will be a class agenda for each session so that specific content gets covered. Questions will be allowed multiple times during each session via a “roll call” process. However, if questions become too specific to one company’s environment or situation, such questions will need to be addressed at another time in order to complete the agenda items.

MRP – Basics

Review item warehouse Planning Options card. Learn about the basic MRP codes and how they affect the MRP run.

 MRP – Advanced

Prerequisite Class: MRP Basics or MRP experience

Review advanced MRP codes including variable lead times, advanced order policy codes, dual sourcing, and specific delivery days.

 Material Planner

Learn more about the new material planning object to review MRP requirements and release orders. This is an application in Power-Link that extends the ease and use of MRP.

 Power-Link Environment Card

Learn about the objects on the Environment Card and how to use them to deploy Power-Link.

 Materials in Power-Link – Count Groups

Learn how to use count groups for cycle counting and a full physical inventory.

 Inventory transactions in Power-Link

Learn how to receive against Purchase Orders and Manufacturing Orders and learn how to perform other inventory transactions in Power-Link.

 Power-Link Basics

If you’re a green-screen user or an XA user that isn’t real familiar with Power-Link, attend this session to learn about views, subsets, sorts, list windows, preferences, and other key features of Power-Link.

 Power-Link Advanced

Learn about some of the really powerful features of Power-Link, such as Quick Change, Exporting to Excel, Power Expand, Cascading Subsets, Multi-sector in Editor, Templates, and others.

 Intro to the Enterprise Integrator

The Enterprise Integrator is a tool for programmers to extend the use of XA (create custom applications) WITHOUT modifying XA. It uses the Power-Link architecture so that what you create has the same look and feel as XA. But how might a non-programmer potentially use this tool or at least understand what it might do? This session covers such topics and will answer your questions about Enterprise Integrator.


To schedule a class, please send a note to MKA at with the following information: 

Contact Name, Class Name, Phone Number

Please call MKA at 616-532-5006 or contact MKA at with any questions.