Do your users go to several systems or databases looking for information? Do they sort through e-mails, make phone calls, manually assign dates, seek approvals, create and maintain dozens of spreadsheets, and spend time looking for the right information? Are they inefficient because they have to create “personal islands” of data and individual processes just to get work done?

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits MKA delivers for customers is INTEGRATED [business] applications that streamline the way people work—applications that focus on PROCESSES.

MKA has a set of web-based applications that link data, people, documents, processes, XA, and other systems into a “time scheduled” system. Information “moves” to the appropriate users and “triggers” them to take action within a certain timeframe (and it “monitors” the timeframe). It’s a whole new approach!

Leading-edge applications include:

  • Quotation Management System for XA
  • Electronic Requisition System for XA/Workflow Approval System
  • Supplier RFQs and Supplier Contract Management
  • Engineering Change Management System for XA
  • The Project Management Center
  • Electronic Forms and Messaging System

“Before using MKA’s Requisition Approval System for XA, we were using paper requisitions, where we needed people to literally sign off approvals on a piece of paper, which takes time and energy and tracking down people. Now using MKA’s e-Req, it’s one click away and it cuts down the time immensely.”

~Radhika Menawat | Chassix, Inc.