Infor Partner of the Year

MKA was awarded Infor Partner of the Year in 2013 for Infor XA, and has over 30 years experiences working with Infor XA (MAPICS) and other Infor products.

IBM Advanced Business Partner

MK & Associates has been installing IBM AS/400’s, iSeries and now Power Systems since 1988. We have achieved IBM Advanced Business Partner status with IBM. This means we have measured up to the high IBM customer satisfaction standards in the sales and implementation of the Power System.

Implementation and Installation

It is unusual to find a partner that has a high level of expertise in both the System i and i5/OS along with Windows, Linux and networking. We have people who know them all. If you purchase a Power System from MKA, you can expect that all systems will talk with each other seamlessly and all i5/OS upgrades will be done correctly.

High Availability

The need for your IBM Power System to be available 24×7 without exception is common in today’s business environment. MK & Associates supports IBM's PowerHA SystemMirror product as well as other non-IBM solutions.  Many customers use High Availability software to keep their system in production during planned and unplanned downtime. We can help you design and implement a High Availability system for continuous 24 x 7 uptime, for tight backup windows, for disaster recovery, system failure or various upgrade scenarios. 


70% of our customers lease their computer equipment because they need to stay current with technology. MK & Associates works with IBM Global Financing to provide you with payments that make sense. Whether you are looking for an Operating Lease, Step Lease, deferral or $1 buy-out, IGF is competitive and easy to work with.


Put “Watson” to Work for Your Business!

Many people enjoyed watching the TV Game show Jeopardy’s “IBM Watson Challenge” where an IBM Supercomputer (named “Watson”) played Jeopardy against two past human champions. Amazingly, Watson won using natural language (listening and speaking) just like any other contestant! What you might not know is that IBM’s “Watson” uses the same core technology that many MKA Customers use today – IBM’s Power8 Processor.

Power8 is IBM’s latest processor technology providing:

  • Faster computing power
  • Substantial energy cost reductions, and
  • “Best-in-Class” reliability

One of the key architectural differences of the IBM Power “i” (versus Intel-based or Unix-based systems) is that all of the internal “system” software needed to run businesses is bundled together with the hardware. This integration and stability, along with minimal I/T staffing requirements, have consistently made the Power “i” the lowest cost system to operate according to independent studies by consulting firms such as the International Technology Group. These studies have shown the IBM “i” to be 35% – 50% less expensive to run over a 2-3 year period than Intel or Unix-based platforms.

Why this significant difference? Because it takes multiple Intel or Unix systems to handle the business workload that a single IBM Power “i” system can handle. With multiple systems comes multiple software licenses, more points of failure, more exposure to security risks, more training, which all leads to increased strain on business processes.

Watch the video below to learn more about Watson.

IBM Watson on Jeopardy