MKA Services

MKA’s mission is to help companies improve their business.  We’ve accomplished that by having tremendous experience in manufacturing, ERP systems (primarily Infor XA), IBM Power Systems and networking skills, and offering unique applications for particular customer needs, such as Material Barcode Scanning, EDI for Automotive, Engineering Change Management, Project Costing, and specialized programming that may be required, such as integrating scales or machines on the shop floor with the business system.

Our deep experience with business and business applications has translated into high-value solutions and services for our customers.  We’ve been able to deliver successful projects, new business initiatives (like reducing the quote process from two weeks to two days), and cost savings from both a short-term and long-term perspective.

Experience matters.  Following are some MKA skills and expertise that have helped dozens of MKA customers.


Application Services

  • Infor XA Consulting, Training, and Education
  • XA International Financial Management and F9 Report Writer
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Procurement Strategies: Electronic Requisitioning Approval with Workflows
  • Procurement Strategies: Supplier RFQs via the Web
  • Procurement Strategies: Supplier Requirements and Contracts via the Web
  • Engineering Change Management for XA
  • Project Costing for XA
  • Material Movement and Control via Bar Code Scanning
  • Manufacturing Consulting and Shop Floor Solutions
  • Quotation Management for XA
  • Electronic Messaging and Forms for XA
  • Outside Service Processor solutions via the Web
  • Automotive Solutions and Services
  • EDI with XA


Technical Services

  • IBM System i and Power System Sales, Consulting, and Installations
  • Network Evaluation and Services
  • Custom Programming, including interactive touch-screen applications and workflow solutions
  • Technology/Data/Systems Integration


The IBM Power "System i" is known as the best commercial processing computer ever made. And that's true for many reasons. It's a truly integrated system and has the highest "up-time" of any computer on the market. It just runs and runs and runs.

MKA has extensive IBM System i expertise and experience. If you need help sizing a system a System i, buying a System i, operating a System i, installing a System i, or just getting basic training, please call MKA at 616-532-5006. We offer a host of services for the IBM Power System i. Here is an example of an MKA training class, which can be done on-site or via the internet.

IBM System I Operations and Administration

Following is a standard class syllabus on iSeries System Administration:

· Getting to Know the iSeries
· Using System Menus and Commands
· Starting and Stopping the iSeries
· Working with Subsystems
· Overview of Job Processing
· Working with System Values
· Basic iSeries Message Handling
· Managing Printer Devices
· Managing Devices
· Save / Restore
· System Security Concepts
· Keeping the iSeries Current / iSeries' PTF’s
· Miscellaneous