Streamline vendor payments and eliminate ALL your check printing and mailing costs! 

Join a quick “Lunch n’ Learn” webinar on May 21st to save money on A/P processing.  Moreover, you can even GET PAID for having ACOM take over your A/P payments!


WHEN:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. EDT

Use this link to register:



ACOM has hundreds of clients using their A/P service and MKA already has three customers taking advantage of this program.  We are excited to make you aware of this service and what it can deliver in terms of costs savings and potential rebates for your company.

ACOM’s Paperless Pay program eliminates the costs of printing and mailing your vendor checks, improves overall payment security, and can even generate cash back from your A/P spend.  Through a combination of moving the majority of your vendors to methods of electronic payment and with ACOM printing and sending your remaining checks at ACOM’s cost, you can truly achieve $0 cost of A/P check writing.  An added plus is that in many cases you can get paid a quarterly rebate for having ACOM take over your A/P payments!

Does this sound too good to be true?  Join Claude Rosay and Sam Mikhail of ACOM and Brad Blair of MK & Associates to hear how a Michigan manufacturer eliminated their A/P check payment costs while also receiving “5 figure” annually recurring rebates!

We will be presenting on Tuesday, May 21st, beginning promptly at 12:00 Noon EDT and should conclude the presentation in 30 minutes. Q&A will follow. 


Input Journal Entries to XA via Excel!
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Upgrade to XA R9.2! Don't forget XA R9.3 is coming!

MKA has helped multiple companies upgrade to XA Release 9.2. There can be several ramifications for making this move, and each customer environment is different depending on your current release level, which set of financial applications you are using, which other applications you are using, and other factors. Call MKA for a survey to determine the time and effort necessary for you to upgrade to XA R9.2. Infor has announced that XA R9.3 may be available a the end of this year, so customers should be at XA R9.2 before moving to Release 9.3.

The process for upgrading to R9.3 will be easiest from R9.2, so it is beneficial to get to R9.2 this year.

Scope-out and schedule the move to R9.2 SOON! Call MKA at 616-532-5006 or call your MKA representative.

F9 News

Infor recently created several enhancements for F9. Watch this space for an update of those enhancements!

New Option from Infor for “XA in the Cloud” 

Infor has announced “XA in the Cloud” for customers who would like to evaluate licensing XA software “as a service.”  

Infor has created a very attractive option to roll several costs into one attractive annual payment.  You can operate your XA system "in the cloud" and pay for software and hardware as a service.   Infor will combine ALF for XA, IBM iSeries hardware, iSeries operating software, and the management of IBM HW and IBM System SW for a packaged annual fee. You can also have access to new XA software upgrades (or you can stay on your current software configuration). 


For more information, please call Brad Blair (616-257-4009) or Tom McDonald (616-257-4005). 




IBM will be “de-commissioning” some older IBM systems.  IBM has announced that for certain older IBM Power 5, 6 and 7 machines, IBM will no longer provide hardware maintenance as of specified future dates.  When IBM stops maintaining hardware systems, it is a sign that these machines are getting very old and should be replaced.  Often for these systems, hardware replacement parts are in short supply, which means IBM can no longer provide the high level of maintenance service they are known for.


If you are currently running on any of the following machine types/models, MKA recommends you contact us regarding replacement alternatives.

Machine Type / Model                                 Last Day of IBM Service

9406-520                                                        January 31, 2019

9407-515                                                         January 31, 2019

9407-M15                                                       March 31, 2019          

8203-E4A                                                       March 31, 2019

8202-E4B                                                       September 30, 2019

8202-E4C                                                       September 30, 2019

8205-E6B                                                       September 30, 2019

9406-525                                                        October 31, 2020

9406-550                                                        October 31, 2020

Please contact Brad Blair at (616) 257-4009 to discuss further.